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Inspirational Quotes from Steve Jobs

This post is in continuation with my post Maverick Of Digital Age . Unquestionably, Steve Jobs will be remembered for ushering in fundamental changes in the way people interact with technology, he has also been known for his ability to turn a phrase – and a knack for taking complicated ideas and making them easy to understand. Below, a compendium of some of the best Steve Jobs quotes.

  1. Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.
  2. Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.
  3. Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.  – My personal Favorite
  4. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
  5. My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.
  6.  That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.
  7. Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service. The iMac is not just the color or translucence or the shape of the shell. The essence of the iMac is to be the finest possible consumer computer in which each element plays together.
  8. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.
  9.  To sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.
  10.  Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.
  11.  Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.
  12.  Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.
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National Week Vacation Part 2 – Macau

When I was in 7-8th Standard, I used to discuss with friends and cousins how many money you have seen together, some say one Lakh, two lakhs. Now today I can say confidently I have seen nearly 10 million in real. Thanks to Venetian Casino Macau to privilege me to witness such a huge amount.

Macau is second Special Administrative Region of China after Hong Kong. When it comes to Gambling we always remember of Las Vegas – The Gambling capital of the World. Many still don’t know about the Asian counterpart, Macau. Tourism and gambling are like driving force of Macau’s economy. Macau is also known as Asia’s Las Vegas.

After completing Hong Kong, we started for Macau. Macau is one and half an hour from Hong Kong by Ferry. Sometimes it takes more time depends on the sea conditions. Ferries run from the Central Point on Hong Kong Island. It was around 12 pm, we started for Macau from central.  After buying ferry tickets we popped over on the ferry.  It was nice, very comfortable journey. In ferry, also you will find different classes as economy, super class just like airlines. When we were approaching Macau, we gazed the Sai Van Bridge also called as Ponte de Sai Van. This features a double-deck design, with an enclosed lower deck to be used in the event of strong typhoons. Needless to say, it was magnificent panoramic view.

After completing immigration check, we were at terminal only when we were approached by local guides for 3 hours trip or 6 hours trip. Once we thought of hiring a guide and have a round across the Macau downtown, before entering into casinos. But their rates were too high even though we tried to bargain but all in vain. So we exchanges first currency, for the very first time I was carrying five currencies in my wallet; i.e. Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar, Indian Rupee, Chinese Yuan  and Macanese Pataca MOP (Macau currency and name sounds funny). You can use HK Dollar in Macau and many places it is still accepted but Macau currency is little cheaper than HK Dollar. So if you use HK Dollar, you will only deplete. After foreign exchange we approached to Macau Tourism Board officer, whose cabin was just after immigration, he gave us Macau City Map and tell us all the places which are worth to roam. Even though, we did thorough research as well, what all we need to cover. As Macau is famous for casinos so every casino provides free shuttle service from ferry terminal directly to their resorts. We thought to cover downtown first. So we asked about one or two famous places. He guided as to catch a bus from outside,

We took a bus for Macau downtown. And we got down at Historic Centre of Macau. The area was fully jam packed with foreigners as it was holiday for Chinese as well as for Hong Kong Citizens. It was feeling like all the crowd has been aggregated at this point only. We started with St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church. It was my debut visit to a Church. As Macau before becoming SAR of china was a Portuguese Colony. So the city has become hodgepodge of Portuguese buildings, Chinese architecture and flashy casinos, which adds to uniqueness of Macau.


Me @ Historic Center Of Macau

After covering the historic Center of Macau and lunch, we start roaming around the market. The shops consist majorly of watches, phones and gold. IPhone 5 was also in black 9000 HK Dollar. And I come to know about 3-D gold; so far I have heard and watched 3-D movies.

Later, I discovered 3-D gold is a retail jewelry brand owned by Hong Kong Resources Holding Company limited, it has established a great network in Hong Kong, Macau and some part in China. 3-D gold is active in the design, development of gold ornaments and corporate gifts. After completing the shopping, we started for Galaxy Casino – Macau, via free shuttle provided by Galaxy itself. All the casinos are in Taipa Island so we also crossed the Macau Bridge which we saw while entering Macau. We also saw Macau tower on the way. Macau tower also offers bungee jumping but little expensive. And all of us are not adventurous either. After half an hour we reached Galaxy Casino. By the time we reached there it was around 7 PM it was little dark, but the lighting and all the paraphernalia of Galaxy Resort was making the evening so brighter and exciting.  We were astonished to know that the cupolas of the resort are covered in 24 carat gold. The resort was very huge. We could cover only shopping area and casino lounge. The casino lounge was so huge. First we started with poker black face minimum table was 300 MOP. We lost around 500 MOP each. Then we started with dice game. In this we need to guess it will be 1-7, 8-10, and even, odd etc. different set of combinations. Lucky favors to all of us in this guess but we couldn’t recover the whole amount. Then we rushed to shopping area there were had lip smacking Aloo Prantha with lots of other Indian dishes.

After completing the Galaxy Resort only shopping area and casino lounge. We came out and took another shuttle bus for Venetian. Venetian which is also located in Las Vegas and in Macau also it is owned by Las Vegas Sands Corporation. However from outside it was looking like just a normal resort and lounge. Not much lighting at that time. Galaxy was more astounding in terms of Outer View.  But when saw casino lounge i found it is almost doubles the size of gambling area offered by Galaxy. If we go by the facts the casino in Venetian offers 550,000 square feet of gambling area.

The ambiance itself was so fascinating and alluring. Also I saw 10 million preserved in glass case. Actually it was 14 lakh MOP which is equal to 98-99 Lakhs (nearly 10 million). Due to security photography is prohibited inside casino. Otherwise, I would have shown to everyone. We were not able to recover our previous loss. So we thought let’s explore the other areas, then we will decide on which game we need to invest. Then we moved to shopping area. I thought it will be just like a normal shopping mall like galaxy. I was bewildered after watching the shopping area, it was themed on Venice. Then I got the mystery behind the name Venetian.

Inside the shopping area, they have also created San Luca Canal which also offered boat ride And both the sides of canal constitutes different showrooms covered almost every world known brands. We covered almost the full Venetian or small Venice. The roof of the whole shopping area is actualized in such a way that you won’t feel it is night or evening and everything around is so affable. You won’t feel like coming back from that particular area.

When we returned back to Gambling area, we watched Salsa dance. Then, again we tried our luck on the same dice game. This time it was like one game winning one game losing. So No Profit No Loss.

 Around 4 AM, when we were like totally enervated. We took Taxi for the Ferry Terminal and started for Hong Kong. Again same immigration process and the same turbojet ride. And around 6 30 we reached Hong Kong Hotel. We didn’t book any accommodation in Macau. As it was so exorbitant, around 20k INR so we preferred to come back on the same day. So in all we cover Macau’s major attractions. Needless, to say Macau was disparate experience.

For bachelors, if you are not looking for so elegant places to stay you can visit . They offer accommodation at very minimal rates and cover all major places across the globe.

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National Week Vacation – Part 1 (Hong Kong)

Back after a much deserved break nearly after 10 days, thanks to National week in China. I seriously liked the Funda of National week in China. Basically, there are two week holidays in China. One week in October of every year. Some people called it Golden week, some called National week. These national holidays were first started by the government for the Public Republic of China’s National Day in 1999 and are primarily intended to help expand the domestic tourism market and improve the national standard of living, as well as allowing people to make long-distance family visits. And another one week off is during Chinese New Year which is around January and February of every year. Last year also I was in China during National week, but due to some work I couldn’t make any trip to utilize it. So this year I want to make most of it. So I planned to visit Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen with my other two friends.

I started from Shanghai to Shenzhen; as Shenzhen is located on the border with the Hong Kong (which is also known as Special Administrative Region – SAR of China). From Shenzhen you can go to Hong Kong, via bus, ferry and metro. As long as I landed to Hong Kong; a bus was ready to depart for Hong Kong after 10 minutes. So without any hassle, we three boarded the bus and reached Hong Kong Border. Immigration process seems to be so funny you exited from one country and after few steps you are entering into another country. Hong Kong provides on arrival visa and as I already have china visa so there was no problem during immigration check. As we were not carrying anything extra so problem happened also during custom checks. After completing the immigration process we again took the same bus and reached Hong Kong within one hour. Hong Kong, I would say deeply populated area as compared to China. You will find so many people on roads, metro, malls etc. Even though it SAR of china, still I feel it is much advanced as compared to China. China is communist on the other hand Hong Kong is democratic country. Hong Kong I found mostly surrounded by foreigners/expats mainly Indian, Russian. During my stay in Hong Kong I didn’t feel I am out of India. It was so good to see so many Indian after so much time. After reaching there we checked in hotel and start exploring nearby area. The nearby area was surrounded by so many pubs, bars. And we got a chance to enjoy Indian Pakistan match. I enjoyed a cricket match and Heineken after ages. After dinner we came back to hotel.

Next morning, as planned we started for Disney Land. It took around 40 minutes to reach Disney Land.  The Disney Land Park consists of six themed areas: Main Street, U.S.A, Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land, Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land. Main Street, U.S.A, is the first “themed land” inside the main entrance of the many ‘Disneyland’; it has a train station above the entrance which covers the aerial view of whole Disney Land. We also tried this and it was seriously an amazing experience. Main Street also cover markets to buy souvenir from Disney Land.  Fantasy Land features Sleeping Beauty Castle, as well as the Fantasy Gardens where costumed Disney characters can be met. Hong Kong Disneyland’s Adventure land is the biggest among all Disney parks.  It is themed to resemble the remote jungles in Africa, Asia, South America, and the South Pacific. Tomorrow land at Hong Kong Disneyland features an emphasis on metallic trim, dominated by blue and purple hues. Each version of the land is different and features numerous attractions that depict views of the future. Toy story land is the first new themed land implemented in Hong Kong Disney Land; it is themed using bamboo to act as giant blades of grass surrounding the area, toy story land uses the characters from Toy Story Movies. Grizzly Gulch is the new concept in Hong Kong Disney Land. This themed land reminisce an abandoned mining town called “Grizzly Gulch”, set a midst mountains and woods. We covered almost every part of the land. You can find Mickey Mouse everywhere in Disney land starting from metro to Disney land to clothes to food to flip flops.

We also tried Big Grizzly Mountain Mine Car basically a roller coaster ride in Grizzly Gulch. There was also one more roller coaster ride in the completed dark. It was horrible yet adventurous. The best part is the moment you are out of the rides. Your pictures will already be waiting to show your expressions during rides. J At the end of day, around 19:30 PM we also witnessed nightly frameworks performance at the Hong Kong and event is known as “Disney in Stars”.


It was nice experience to visit Disney land but I feel the kids and girls will be more enticed with Disney Land as compared to Guys like me. So we were done with Disney Land by the end of the day.

To all who come to this happy place, welcome. Many years ago, Walt Disney introduced the world to enchanted realms of fantasy and adventure, yesterday and tomorrow, in a magical place called Disneyland. Today that spirit of imagination and discovery comes to life in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Disneyland is dedicated to the young and the young at heart – with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration, and an enduring symbol of the cooperation, friendship and understanding between the people of Hong Kong and the United States of America. – Message from Walt Disney

Hong Kong is also characterized by low taxation and free trade, so there is huge difference in prices of clothes, perfumes and electronic goods. Next morning we went to Apple store to check IPhone 5 price. It is around 39k which is less than India and in China is yet to be launched. But to buy IPhone 5 you have to register on Apple Site if you get mail in response. You can go to store and buy IPhone 5. Basically it is lottery system and the store manager was saying you will be very lucky if you get mail within same day. And probability is one in thousands. In China, I have seen people crazy for IPhone and may be same scene with Hong Kong Residents.  After Apple Store, we visited IFC mall to do little bit of shopping and trust me perfumes were really cheap in Hong Kong. I also believe – Make Hay whiles the Sun Shines. So I also took the advantage of the opportunity being in Hong Kong.

After shopping we planned to visit Victoria Harbor. Victoria Harbor is a natural land form harbor situated between Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. It is famous for its stunning panoramic night view and skyline, particularly in the direction towards Hong Kong Land where the skyline of skyscrapers is superimposed over the ridges behind. And it is major attraction for the tourists. It was worth visit to Victoria Harbor.

Another attraction point for tourist in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak. Victoria Peak is a mountain in Hong Kong from where you can see 360 view of Hong Kong and offers spectacular views of the city and its harbors.. We visited there via Peak Tram which is funicular railway. It runs from Central District to Victoria Peak via Mid – Levels.

When the sun goes down, the traders have already laid out their wares and the opera singers and fortune tellers begin to emerge. Welcome to the Temple Street Night Market, a popular street bazaar, named after a Tin Hau temple located in the center of its main drag, and a place so steeped in local atmosphere that it has served as the backdrop to many a memorable movie.
Yes, the last destination for us in Hong Kong was The Night Market. It started from 7 pm and last whole night. Trinkets, tea ware, electronics, watches, menswear, jade and antiques are scrutinized and haggled over, while clay pot rice, seafood, noodles and other treats are consumed with gusto. Temple Street Night Market is an enduring example of the theatre and festivity of a Chinese market. So this was my Hong Kong Trip. It was nice and mesmerizing experience.

I will cover the Macau, Shenzhen in the next blog.This is my first blog under Travel category. Hope you all will like.

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When Developer Meets Tester….

In layman terms, a developer is a person who develops the application which could be an application a web-site or some other piece of work which runs in the background which end user cannot see. On the other hand, tester is a person who tests the application against customer requirements before delivering it to customer or we can say Testers basically verifies Developers work. How could be the relationship when developer meets tester… As per my experience being a developer I don’t like tester’s job much, I think their jobs doesn’t require much of brain. (No offense to Testers).Also, I don’t like someone find errors/bug in my work (code) and asked me to fix it again. And many times I had huge fight with testers during release of work. And what if a composed, prudent, amicable developer Aadi (Aditya) meets an egotist, diligent, ardent tester Smriti…. We know opposite poles attract each other; but how about in real life.

Smriti, a Punjabi gal moved into real time production after cleared her initial training. When she reported to her assigned manager; she asked Aadi to give her knowledge transfer session about the account, processes to be followed, and formalities to be completed for the on-boarding of her. Aadi as described above a composed person who already had two years of IT experience was working as developer. Smriti who just came into production was assigned as tester for the same project. First project for Smriti; believing on the fact – First Impression is last impression she completed her first release of work with full diligence. Due to ambiguous requirements from customer, Smriti raised so many defects/issues against Aadi. Generally, when a tester raises a defect it is against developer’s work not against developer. But sometimes or I would rather say most of the time developer think it is against him/her. In our performance goal settings, the maximum number of defects is allowed up to 2 or 3. And Smriti raised 17 defects against Aadi which results in poor appraisal rating for Aadi. However, it was because of improper requirements; many were because of data issues. But defects are defects – His manager statement. Aadi was expecting promotion but he couldn’t get it because of poor ratings. So, fight started between both of them and it turned into big arguments.
Due to course of time, again one more release came and this time also Aadi and Smriti were working as developer and tester. In corporate world, even though you don’t like people around you, you don’t want to work with them; then also you have to be gentle with them. This time Smriti acted sensibly; she proactively checked the requirements directly with client and again discussed with other team members. This times no defects. Aadi was happy. He was impressed with Smriti’s work. Everybody was sending appreciation mails to Smriti. Being a fresher, she completed the work on time and delivered with sincerity. Her quality work brings her into limelight. Nature’s rule – if you work well; everybody will like and start talking about you.

Quarter finished, here come the quarterly project party. Smriti even though looks very simple, but her simplicity was enough to catch any guy’s attention. She dressed very nice nicely for the party. Every guy in the team was talking about her. The way she walks, she talks, she carries herself etc. So somewhere bells starts ringing in Aadi’s heart. In his past life, he never liked any girl so much. After the party he couldn’t sleep whole night. Next day onwards, he started craving for Smriti’s attention. He wanted to spend more and more time with Smriti. But stars were not much favorable; she was always surrounded by her friends. Be it for lunch, for coffee, evening refreshment, and for weekends no chance. He starts getting insecure day by day.

Without any further delay, he proposed Smriti on Office Communicator. It was for the first time he was proposing a girl, not sure how to propose and what to exactly say, he proposed in a very lucid way; which I think girls generally don’t like. For Smriti it was not the first time, someone was proposing her. She thought it as prank and said “No”. I am not looking for any relationship or anything. He said we can be good friends. She replied bluntly I have enough friends. Sorry Aadi, Don’t waste my time. Please let me work. LLL  

You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel. – Author Unknown.

Day passed, months passed but nothing changed in the feelings of Aadi. With each passing day the intensity of his feelings was growing more and more. Finally a day came, when Smriti dropped a mail to whole team stating, Last Day in Hyderabad. She got transferred to Chandigarh. So Smriti’s team arranged a farewell for her on the same day. Smriti, was excited as she got what she desired for long time. On the other hand, Aadi was completely pulverized. He was confused not to know what to do, what to say, whether to go in the party or not. He thought let’s propose once again, you never know, maybe she agreed for the friendship. So, Aadi again proposed on the same day. Even she also wanted to talk to Aadi. Because she was thinking whatever happened in the past, it was prank from Aadi’s side. Before, Smriti could say something, Aadi immediately said Smriti, I don’t know what it is “But I think I love you and I have fallen for you”. While saying this tears rolled down from Aadi eyes and last line he said I am not liking this that you are going to Chandigarh, now I cannot see you and talk to you. And Aadi went from the party. Smriti totally speechless, now don’t know what to do. She likes Aadi but not the way Aadi likes her and relationship. She is Punjabi; Aadi is from south India, nothing is impossible, even though she gave thought about her relationship with Aadi. She left for Chandigarh next morning with mixed feeling. She dropped a message “Aadi you are a nice guy, I like you but not the way you like me. Even though I think about you, I know there is no future further. We hardly know each other. Good Bye. !!”

Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met. – Cristina W.

 Aadi was not ready to forget Smriti, so he decided he will again try. Again chat started on communicator followed by late night sms chats. Aadi was not sure what is prevailing in Smriti’s mind. He thought of proposing again but when and where. It was 24th September 2011, Aadi’s birthday and Aadi wants to celebrate it with Smriti. So he booked the ticket. He flew to Chandigarh and directly went to office to meet Smriti. Smriti totally got surprised as she had no idea what Aadi is up to. It was third time, he was saying this thing to Smriti, I don’t know what it is “But I think I love you and I have fallen for you”. I generally don’t celebrate my birthday but this year I want to be with you on my birthday. This time Smriti also replied “I don’t know what it is but I think I like you, when you are not near I miss you , when you don’t pick my phone, I feel so insecure, I think I also love you and I have fallen for you.” Aadi wasn’t sure how to react. Generally it happens; when you want something and all of sudden you got that thing. You don’t know how to react. He thanks GOD, for giving the best birthday gift ever. As they both are from different states and cultures as well. It took more than 6 months for the both families to accept their relationship. Finally they got married in 24th April 2012. Their love story is nothing less than roller coaster ride.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. –Lao Tzu

P.S. This is not a mere fiction, I know Aditya from very long time. Today 24th Septembeer 2012, on account of Aditya’s Birthday and their relationship anniversary I thought of writing this post. Hope you enjoyed the story.

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Maverick of the digital age –Steve Jobs

Undoubtedly, maverick of the digital age; who changed the face of technology; who made dent in the universe; whose mantra was “Simplicity is ultimate sophistication”; a successful business entrepreneur and an iconic figure in the computer industry. . none other than Steve Jobs, co-founder, Chairman and Chief executive officer of Apple Inc; but in personal, an aggressive, shrewd and demanding manager and an excellent team player, who strove to get better with each passing day by looking ahead of time and made a valuable contribution to the technological advancement in society.

Finally, I completed reading the biography of Steve Jobs; I must say it’s one of the amazing biographies which describes very well topsy-turvy life of Jobs. After reading the book I came to know about few facts which I think are worth sharing about Job’s life. These facts may be interesting, surprising, mysterious etc.

Jobs was adopted, and his biological father, Abdulfattah Jandali, was a Syrian unmarried man who went on to become a political science professor. Arabs embraced Jobs because of his Syrian roots, and alsoImage

known as “The Most Famous Arab in the World.” He was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, a middle-class American couple.

After completing his schooling, Steve Jobs was admitted to the Reed College in Portland, Oregon. He dropped out from college but continued with his calligraphy classes. This course would later help Jobs in creating multiple typefaces for Mac. This was perhaps a classic example of the fact that nothing learned is ever wasted!

As an eighth-grader, he called William Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, to inquire about a part missing from a frequency counter he was assembling, the New York Times reports. Hewlett reportedly spoke to Jobs for 20 minutes, and then offered him a bag of parts and a summer internship. He was forced to come in night shifts. The reason behind this decision was that he was on complete vegan diet he hardly takes shower and also avoided colognes; it was difficult for co-workers to work with him. Steve was vegan for his whole life. PETA also praised Jobs for his vegetarianism and support for animals.

He used to do LSD: Lysergic acid diethylamide(LSD can cause pupil dilation, reduced appetite and wakefulness) and he also claimed this is one of the important things he has done in his life. Also Jobs himself has suggested, LSD may have contributed to the “think different” approach that still puts Apple’s designs a head above the competition.

Jobs dated the folk singer when he was in his 20’s before marrying Poweell. Jobs met his wife, Laurene Powell, when he spoke at the Stanford Business School, where she was pursuing an MBA. She was a vegetarian, like Jobs, and a former investment banker. The two had an immediate connection. A year after Jobs ran across the Stanford parking lot to ask the blonde beauty to dinner. Both got married in 1991; also his marriage’s cake was without egg and milk; which was not even liked by guests.

Steve Job’s quest for spiritual enlightenment brought him to India in the summer of 1974. Jobs came to India with one of his best friends from Reed College, Dan Kottke. Deeply philosophical then, Jobs wanted to study and experience spiritualism and existentialism. In India, he wanted to visit the Neem Karoli Baba at his Kainchi Ashram. However, when they arrived they learnt that Baba has died.

Steve Jobs convinced Steve Wozniak to build some computers for sale. Jobs knew Wozniak for a long time. Both were members of Homebrew Computer Club. Wozniak was too shy to talk in public, on the contrary Jobs was smart enough to handle interviews; product launch events. Apple got its name because Steve Jobs was working at a hippie apple farm at the time, was on a fruit diet (lots of apples), and the word “apple” would come before “atari” in a phonebook. Apple only got off the ground when Steve Jobs convinced Mike Markkula to invest and loan the company some money (about $250,000 USD). Markkula also there to provide “adult supervision” as neither Wozniak nor Jobs have much corporate experience.

Steve Jobs hired John Sculley from PepsiCo in 1983 when Markkula decided he needed to step down and Sculley’s corporate history is good for the company. Markkula convinced Jobs to hire Mike Scott from National Semiconductors as CEO in 1978, but after a few years, when Scott fired almost half of the company, Markkula replaced Scott as CEO.

The idea behind Apple was to create world class products not to make profit.

He got pink slip from the company he co-founded. Jobs was ousted from Apple by John Sculley after a disagreement on how to run the company. Steve Jobs hired John Sculley from PepsiCo in 1983 when Markkula decided he needed to step down and Sculley’s corporate history is good for the company. However, he only hired John Sculley asking –“Do you want to sell soda water for rest of your life or you want to challenge yourself into different field.”After few months of this incident; Jobs founded NeXT Computer. Jobs sold all of his Apple stock and used the capital to found NeXT and still had money left over (which he then used to buy The Computer Graphics Group, which became Pixar later. Pixar has gone on to produce animated movies such as Toy Story (1995); A Bug’s Life (1998); Toy Story 2 (1999); Monsters, Inc. (2001); Finding Nemo (2003); and The Incredibles (2004). When Pixar shares went public in 1995, Jobs became a billionaire.

In 1995, Apple Computer was at its lowest point in history. The company was facing tough competition from Microsoft. Apple’s CEO, Gil Amelio, was desperately looking for a way to save the company. In December 1996, Amelio bought NeXT for $400 million and welcomed back the company’s founder, Jobs, as an ‘informal adviser’. Within eight months of the acquisition, Amelio was out and Steve Jobs became Apple’s interim CEO. In 2000, company dropped the word “interim”.

Post Pixar, he wanted another round of revolutionizing to do. This time it was the music industry. He introduced the iPod in 2003. Later he came up with iTunes, which was a digital jukebox. A million and a half iPods later, the music industry still does not know whether this invention will save it or destroy it. Apple has a great advertising track record and its ‘Rip, Mix, Burn‘ campaign was another feather in its cap. Now the industry uses a Mac to make the music and an iPod to store it.

In October 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with a rare type of pancreatic cancer treatable with surgery, but he hesitated about having the operation to the horror of the tiny circle of intimates in whom he’d confided; A Buddhist and vegetarian, Jobs decided instead to pursue alternative therapies and treat his cancer with a “natural diet.” He tried doing so for nine months, as the Apple board fretted, before finally having the surgery in July 2004, at which point the cancer might have spread and his chance of long-term survival been reduced.

In 2007, came Apple iPhone and 2010 saw the launc of Apple iPad. Both products continue to rule in their respective categories. Apple was the first company who comes up with the idea of making stores of their products and the design of stores was also based on simplicity (Point to note: All apple stores made of white ceiling and floors). And he also patented the glass staircase of Apple stores.
In 2009, Jobs announced that he would be going on a 6-month leave of absence and that Tim Cook would be the acting CEO of Apple. It was clear that Jobs had serious issues with his health. In June 2009, it was reported that Jobs had undergone a successful liver transplant. It looked like he would soon resume work. In 2011, after a brief leave of absence, Steve Jobs resigned. His resignation from the position of Apple CEO came as a shock to many. But he had always maintained that he would step down on the day he felt he wouldn’t be able to meet his duties and expections as the CEO. On October 5, 2011, he passed away. His innovation did distinguish him as a leader; a true leader who left behind a legacy; and whose invented products become status symbol.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life. –  Steve Jobs.

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Give me justice or let me die.

What will you say about a girl who is just 17 years old (9 year ago) having so many aspirations, studios; Just like any another college girl she also had dreams of brightening  her parent’s name and  today she is pleading for euthanasia.…… 

Well, I am talking about Sonali Mukherjee from Jharkhand who was pursing sociology honors in Dhanbad women’s college in 2003. Also juggling a job with a private firm and was part of the National Cadet Corps and was a senior sergeant. As I said she was very studious even she got scholarship from her college as well. She was very good looking at that time. She belongs to very a simple family. She has one younger brother and sister. Life was going so smooth for her. Her final year exams were approaching and she wants to concentrate more and more on studies. There were three men in her neighborhood one of who was in 40s and other two were 18 and 17 years old started trying to harass her; passing lewd comments and tails her; follows her. She got scared and frustrated and told about this incident to her father. Her father and brother complained to their families. But all in vain, instead of trying to make the things subtle, they blamed Sonali for everything saying today girls are like; there must be something wrong with your daughter. Passing comments, following, teasing continued for two and a half months; when it increased she decided to protest; she shouted at them in public and requested them to leave her alone. When she shouted at them; they got angry and thought of taking revenge. For the next 1 month or so there was no troublesome from their side. She thought now that three men will not trouble her again.


It was summer night of April, when whole family was asleep on the terrace of their house; she felt burning liquid splashed on her; melting away the flesh on her face, neck, the right part of her chest and lower torso. Yes, three men who were harassing her from past 2 months poured acid on Sonali’s face. That horrified acid attack on her also ended her dreams when she was hardly 17 years old. Her younger sister was also injured in the attack but she escaped with major injuries.


Her family took her to Dhanbad Hospital; she was continuously screaming in excruciating pain for next two days, there were no signs of improvement and deficiency of modern equipments for burnt cases Doctor’s referred her to Bokaro Hospital. Sonali was there for two months. Sonali’s father raised complaint against three of them. But no arrest had been taken place until Sonali’s Father approached Jharkhand Government. On the other side even after two months; when doctors not able to see any signs of improvement in Bokaro Hospital finally doctors suggested them Safdarjang Hospital New Delhi. Where, she underwent 22 surgeries. Doctors took skin from her thighs and grafted it on her nose and cheeks, to give it a modicum of shape.

Her father has spent Rs. 10-15 lakh in the court cases and on her treatment.. Her father, who had a menial job in a mill earning about Rs. 5,000 a month, has given up his job. Now, they need another 30 lakhs for further face reconstruction surgery.


Her younger sister, who also suffered acid burns on her hands and feet, was married off early; as they were getting threats and did not want it to ruin her life, so they got her married off. Her family was then forced to abandon their home in Dhanbad, and her mother slipped into depression. She also lost her grandfather who went into shock after the attack. They lost their ancestral land and jewels in her treatment, legal fee and innumerable hospital visits.


In the meanwhile, the youngest of the three men (one was 17 years old) was let off on account of being a juvenile, and after spending just 8 months he came out and leading a normal life; while the other two were convicted and sentenced by the district court in 2006 to nine year jail. However, they appealed in the high court, which granted them bail and they spend just 6 months behind bars and now they are both are on bail.


According to Sonali’s father, money was used at every stage of the case. “Justice was bought and sold. My own lawyer, who was my relative, took money from the accused and weakened our case.”

Recalling the days immediately after the attack, Sonali said all she remembers is waking up in excruciating pain. “I would scream in pain, and fall unconscious.. I was like that for six months…I would tell god to kill me.”

Ever since the tragedy, the father-daughter duo has spent most of the last nine years in either seeing doctors or visiting political leaders. “Both have given them hope, but it’s only the doctors who seem to have fulfilled their promise. The doctors are doing whatever they can, but no one else is helping me,” says Sonali.

Nine years after an acid attack left Sonali Mukherjee blind in both eyes, partially deaf and melted away the skin on the skull, neck, and chest and back, the 27-year-old is running penniless from pillar to post in Delhi for help from the government or permission for euthanasia.

“The sunglasses cover my eyes, while the duppata hides my burn scars and the ears,” she says.

At last, there are still some questions which left unanswered

  • What was Sonali’s fault? Those who are responsible for her condition are enjoying a normal life. They just spent less than a year in prison before they were granted bail.
  • A similar incident happened in UK, where one guy shoots a student just because of some ego issues and wanted to teach a lesson to him. After the hearing; the accused has been sentenced to thirty years jail and no more further hearing will be commenced in that case. As per their judiciary system, this human being is not normal to be in society; he should be behind the bars. Is our law too weak?

After 9 years, Jharkhand government offered a government job to Sonali. And a plastic surgeon offered free treatment to Sonali. All we can hope for better life for Sonali after her required treatments. And ‘The law against acid attackers needs to be made tougher. Otherwise we will have many more Sonalis.’

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How you will feel where no one able to understand your language even if you speak English then majority of people are not able to understand… If they understand half of them are not able to reply. You are often playing dumb sharters to communicate.. You must feeling illiterate, dumb… Well, welcome to Mainland China!!

It has been almost 10 months nearly a year in China. So, I thought I should introduce Chinglish more precisely Chinese English or the way Chinese speaks to all my friends and glimpse of chinese culture…..

When, I was travelling to China for the first time. I was asked to attend internal sessions which includes bit of introduction to Chinese culture, travel formalities and little introduction to Chinese language. Main highlight of the session was that Chinese speaks English in a very different manner and slow not fluent like other western countries. Fair enough, every country has different pronunciation. But I would rather say English here is totally different and sometimes very difficult to understand. When, it comes to US, UK we still can understand they are fluent and clear and we often watch Hollywood movies/series so dealing with US, UK not a big deal. It was first time travelling to onsite and I was appointed as onsite coordinator. But when I landed here I got to know my role is more of translator (precisely middle ware)  help Chinese folks to understand Indian English and get the things done and vice-versa. And also English teacher for freshers.

You know English, A littal; When you will talk to Chinese first and ask, hey!! Do you know English, If the reply comes A littal (actually means little) that means he or she does know few words. For them, if they know “Hi, Hello, Bye, Thanks” That means they know English. There is no word “Wait”, they learned it as “Wait a Moment.”

Be Patient when dealing with Chinese: Chinese speak English very slow. So, you have to really patient and when you say or you want to convey something to them. Ask them again, what they understood; because the probability is very high of misinterpreting the information what you have just told them.

Not only they pronounce differently but they replace alphabets also :In China, the word ‘n’ referred as ‘l’, so night become light… nightmare becomes lightmare… now become low :P. So when they I am busy low that means they are busy now. I will call you afterlool that he will call me around afternoon. For them alphabet ‘r’ and ‘l’ are interchangeable. So Russian becomes lussian  a gal named Rhunjhun becomes Lunjhun and present become pleasant. Some words they pronounced really horrible; like colleague they will say conique. I am seak actually means sick. The word ‘th’ pronounced as‘s’. I was sinking means I was thinking. First time I met my teammate her name was Cathy she pronounced as “Casy”..

No sex discrimination: in china; there is no sex discrimination on grammatical grounds. Males, females, kids, old, young, boys, girls all are ‘He/his’. Generally, they don’t use she/her. So, it is pretty normal if they say He is a girl.

Analogy between Chinese and Punjabi: Being here for almost a year. I could find one analogy between Chinese and Punjabi. Chinese use word “Ni Hao” to say hello, and in Punjabi “Niii” is used to call a girl.; as it is Punjabi so it is little loud. When Chinese answer a phone call they say “Wey” which actually means a very good Hi… and again “Weyyy” is used to call a boy in Punjabi… Some of the words they actually say Punjabi. Just imagine how a Punjabi speaks “Joseph”, if I am not wrong “JoseFF..” J Once my colleague didn’t come to office; next day I asked why you didn’t come I was “seeck”

Chinese versus English Names: Chinese names are very difficult to pronounce. So every Chinese have English name and everyone is liberal enough to choose their own English name. But sometimes they ended up choosing horrible names. For instance, I got know some colleagues with names and reasons for choosing that name is more horrible; “Elephant”(why you chose this name – my elephant is my favorite animal),”Shotgun(because whenever I play counter strike I chose shotgun)” last but not least what if a guy named Fantasy… (reason being my favorite drink is Fanta and I have to choose a name on last minute during an interview).

One more incident, I would like to share, as all of us might have seen one or more Chinese movie or some Kung Fu series. So, once my teammates asked they want to watch some Indian movies of Shah Rukh Khan, I suggested DDLJ, K3G, KKHH. They all watched K3G and next day they came to me and asked when you landed in India or you are around; your mother also got to know that you are somewhere near or you are coming home; as our moms don’t feel any such kind of things. (First I thought what I should answer) because of enthusiasm I couldn’t say No. J.

At last, I would like to say Chinese are undoubtedly hard workers not smart workers. They don’t know English because they are not necessarily required (except some of the IT companies); there is only one language that is spoken country wide with difference in dialects. Unlike India, different states different languages and even within states difference in dialects. Other than international schools, nowhere English is taught in china. If a Chinese wants to learn English either he/she has to join International School which is way beyond costly or by the means of private coaching centers. Still, they are advanced in terms of technology, beauty and fashion.

P.S. By this blog I have tried to show a glimpse of Chinese English and not with the intentions to make offense to anyone be it Indian or Chinese. After all Chinese Indian (Bhai Bhai) 🙂